Punks, Physicists

Video Shot and Edited by:
Ryanne Hodson


Blogger DrewVlog said...

String theory is some crazy shit! Makes my brain want to explode into Gigillions of tiny strings of energy. ouch.


Blogger Paul Knight said...

Thanks for dropping by my site, by the way, I have now upgraded to DV rather than crappy MPEG4. They may be small, but not very good at video capture although absolutley awesome for photo taking. Most of my later stopmotion I did with the nisis dv6. But for clear video you will have to pay more than 50 bucks, I'm afraid. Drop By anytime. Btw, love the videos, watched most of the recent ones. I love the way that you make it a group effort. I am trying so hard to get people over here interested, but sadly all computers are used for over here it seems is downloading or chatting, so long as it doesn't interfere with Coronation Street!

Anonymous adam quirk said...

Just watched this again after applying for a gig with TEDtalks.

Every time his String Theory special on 13 comes on I have to watch it, no matter what I'm doing.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Video is nice. Maybe why watching on sony lcd screen makes you better viewing pleasure. Go for you :-)

Anonymous phonesex said...

being so creative and convincing.


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