Strained Pudding/My hopes for this project

I am neither illustrious nor an anatomist, but I do have an idea of what we can do here. We're going to have incredible talent on our extended team who can contribute to TEDBLOG with writing, photos, audio and video to create a composite portrait of individuals' experiences of attending TED. This is not an official TED organ, but rather a community project. I hope that we can articulate an easy process for TED attendees to add their voices to our chorus.

I'm hoping that people will create their own narratives out of our TEDBLOG and TEDFEED projects as well as the TEDDEMO stage demonstrations.

I am very grateful to all the folks who made these three endeavors possible:

Jason Goldman, Jason Shellen, Biz Stone, and Eric Case from Blogger
Karen Wickre, Kim Thompson, and David Krane of Google
Lars Perkins of Picasa
Dick Costolo and Matt Shobe of FeedBurner
Greg Reinacker and John Carmichael of NewsGator

Nancy Carr and William Streb of Kodak
Evan Williams and his team to be announced
Jay Dedman and Josh Kinberg of ANT
Ryan of WGBH
Jim Young, Jr. and Charles Ribaudo of Jambo Networks
Josh Goldman and Will Hearst of Akimbo
Mark Randall and Allen Morgan of Serious Magic
Mike Matas and Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster

Chris "TED" Anderson
Katherine and Janet McCartney
Michelle Chai, Jedd Flanscha and Johnny Goldstein
Anton Konikoff and the team at Acronym for putting up with me.
Ken Eddings and John Todd and their networking team
Richard of Sony and Kathy of Steelcase

Chris "Long Tail" Anderson for inspiration

Tom Rielly


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